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evidence-based approach to tackling excessive worry & anxiety in kids and teens


we must tackle this!

Sadly, anxiety is the #1 mental health disorder in the United States but really great news.... retraining our brain is possible. 


With understanding the right coping skills, we are able to change how we think, problem solve, & behave. We can change how our brain interprets information & better live emotionally healthy lives.

When we accommodate the worry, the worry only gets bigger. We must target HOW anxiety works to take an offensive approach to improve problem solving skills. 

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how does mighty minds work?


The goal of Mighty Minds is to improve kids' independence, 

confidence, and emotional regulation through an occupational therapy approach.


This is done by children and their parents learning playful, effective, and action-based strategies that will help transform their family. We also coach parents to help make life silly, purposeful, and beautiful amidst hard times.


Since its inception in 2020, Mighty Minds has helped numerous kids virtually. Parents stating, “I feel like I have a new child….together we are able to conquer worry head on.” And after the past few unprecedented years, the Mighty Minds program is truly needed now more than ever.


This telehealth-based program is geared towards families with children 4 years of age and older.

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Anxious language/action is often modeled by some members of the family

Anxiety has physical symptoms associated with it

Anxiety wants two things: certainty and comfort

You cannot fully eliminate anxiety

When conquering anxiety, the content of the anxiety DOESN'T matter


5 things to know about anxiety

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