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Play To Learn Therapy, Inc. offers personalized occupational therapy services to the pediatric community. 


- Various Diagnoses

- Sensory Processing 

- Gross and Fine Motor Skills

- Developmental Delays

- Dyspraxia
- Coordination & Balance
- Attention & Concentration
- Learning Difficulties

- Graphomotor Skills

- Visual Motor Skills

- Visual Perceptual Skills

​Services Provided

- Preliminary Screenings

- Detailed Assessment & Evaluation

- One-on-one customized therapy sessions

- Direct observation in a natural setting

- Caregiver/teacher consultation and collaboration

- Transdisciplinary collaboration

- Classroom observation

- Provide resources for caregivers/school staff

- Home Exercise Programs

- Sensory Diets

- International Consultation

- Virtual Programs

Multi-Disciplinary Developmental Clinic

The clinic uses an "arena-style" approach for assessing whether a child is developing appropriately and for identifying areas of need.

FREE Developmental Screenings

We offer complimentary screenings for ages 0-2 for children with possible developmental delays or concerns. 

Articles & Resources
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